Searching for Love

Today as I write, I find myself drawn to the subject of love. Love is the universal language we all speak, although some may not have heard or spoken this language for some time.
So often we find ourselves longing for love. Many times we are searching for love from friends, or members of our family, or from a special someone who can come to cuddle us and sweep us off our feet—and carry us away into the sunset.
When this longing begins to emerge, the deep question to ask oneself is always this: Where do we find the love we seek?
Perhaps the answer exists in a new possibility. Have you ever thought about starting with yourself? What would your answer be to these questions: Do I love myself? How much do I love myself?
Would the answer be, “Sometimes, not really, kind of, in some ways,” or even, “Hmmm…let me think about that?”
Loving ourselves can sometimes be challenging. Why do we think we are not good enough, beautiful enough, or smart enough? Why are we our own enemies? Why do we think others would love us, when we do not even love ourselves?
When we begin to accept and love ourselves completely, and unconditionally, we may be surprised at what happens in the relationships around us. When we find the strength to let go of the negative thoughts we carry about ourselves (whether they come from within or somebody else), we can return to the place of true love that lives inside, always present.
You have the power to create the world in which you live. When you honor and love yourself, your world will move to reflect this transformation; it will begin to shift. Suddenly you find that those who do not align with your new state of being will fall out of your life in one way or another. This is a choice others will express, and (of course) we have to honor the choices of others, as we are only responsible for our own ways of being.
The new space you have created is destined to be filled with new relationships, ones that better align with your new energy of love and respect for your life—for yourself.
Are you ready to return to your natural state of love and grace within? Are you making a choice to fill your outer world with all that is inside you? Is now the time to fully blossom into the beautiful loving flower you already are?
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Are you ready to meet the love you have been seeking?
It is there.
Love and Light,
Angela Bushman

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Being a natural-born empath, I enjoy combining my intuition, compassion, and amazing zest for living freely to inspire others to find their way back to their true self and find their bliss. I do believe that it is my life’s purpose to live my life authentically and inspire others to reach heights that they never imagined that they could reach.

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