Answering the Creative Call – Inspirational Abstract Acrylic Paintings by Angela Bushman

Easy Flow

Inspirational Abstract Painting – 40×60
by Angela Bushman

When it is time for a creation to flow through me, I have learned to put all else aside and be in service to the universe. Although responding to the call is often not easy to do, I have learned to listen to the creative forces, and those around me have learned to understand that when there is the call for inspirational creation, I will answer it.

Angela at Desert Botanical Gardens
Sonoran Desert
Phoenix, AZ

The latest of those calls came a couple of weeks ago when I was spending time with a good friend and my son in Scottsdale, AZ, and preparing for my upcoming radio show and on-line “A Soul’s Journey Home” classes. With my schedule already rather full, I had no intention of starting my next painting series. As a matter of fact, I did not even have any painting supplies with me at the time.

But those details became irrelevant when I heard the mystical voice of creation call my name. I saw the strong, vibrant images in my mind’s eye. I felt them, and I agreed to birth them and share them with the world.  Then, like a child who is ready to be delivered, the images took over my body, mind, and soul.

I went about the city gathering the tools that I needed, many of which I had never used before but just knew that I was suppose to use, and prepared my birthing nest. Then, as quickly as the physical manifestation started, it seemed to be over. I had lost all sense of time and space. For seven days and seven nights, I gently and attentively answered the call of creation, giving it my full attention in between short bouts of sleep and nurturing meals. The thing I remember the most is the beautiful gift of intimacy that I had with these pieces, as the paintings, the universe and I witnessed each other in constant conversation, being fully present at all times.  There was no judgment, no controlling, just the witnessing of each other and the interactive creative process. You see, the paintings came from that place in the universe of great unconditional love and joy, and I felt that energy staring back at me through the faces that I saw in each of the paintings.

Desert Blossoms Painting
by Angela Bushman

In the moment that I knew that the birthing process was done, I leaned back to see a series of seven related, yet individualized, paintings shining back at me. With tears in my eyes, I thanked the universe for the overwhelming joy that a new mother feels – that intimate moment as she bonds with an energy that emerged from her soul to become its own voice in the world outside of her. Some were big, some were small, and even the “twins,” painted at the same time, had their own personality.

It was then time to celebrate, and I threw an intimate private showing. Having painted these paintings with the bright clear colors of the chakras, our energy centers, I felt I knew the insights of these paintings as energy stimulating and healing tools. It was interesting to see how the paintings spoke to each individual differently, above and beyond what I could ever imagine.  Just as each of us is here to have our own unique experience in the world and touch others in only the way that we can, each of these paintings held their own energy and interacted with others in ways that are personal to those involved.

I started to explain each one as I introduced them to each viewer, but then I realized that there was no need to share anything more than my own story with them. Each viewer seemed almost instantly to begin to have their own conversation with a piece, not needing anything more from me.

Desert Botanical Gardens
Sonoran Desert
Phoenix, AZ

As the last guest left, we stood in the entryway taking in the painting closest to the door. Meg, a talented Scottsdale designer and good friend, shared her story with me. She explained that she spent quite awhile in the entryway upon entering my artist loft. The first painting she saw had caught her attention and she was surprised by the way the abstract art had a sense of the Sonoran Desert to it. She went on to explain that she felt as if the feel of the colorful, blossoming, lively Desert Botanical Gardens had been captured within the image. I smiled at her words and said that the evening before the paintings came to me, I had meandered through the pathways of the botanical gardens with my friend, taking in the love and grace that appeared all around me. In that moment in my artist loft entryway, I was in awe of the magical journey that the universe co-creates with us if we are willing to listen and then enter into the conversation of creation of love and joy.
Humming bird
at Desert Botanical Gardens
 In Loving Inspiration,
Angela lives in both the middle of the desert and the middle of the ocean, and she sees the beauty and grace in the polarities all around her.
All paintings and photos are copyright by Angela Bushman. You can see more about her inspirational coaching, writing, speaking and art at
The rest of the Series of Seven Springtime Desert Paintings are shown below.
Secret Message
I am Me
Angela Bushman


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Angela Bushman
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Angela Bushman
Desert Spring
Angela Bushman

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