Consciousness Expansion Growing Pains

Angela Bushman

Angela Bushman

“What is going on?”

Is this the question that you seem to be asking yourself a lot lately? If your life has been like many others, you have had a very interesting year already.

I know that I have! So much has happened, at a universal level and with me personally, and I have finally come to a place in time to share my insights with you.

If I had to sum up what we are going through right now, I would have to call it “Consciousness Expansion Growing Pains,” and the breakdown, which may help you to utilize the benefits being offered, is as follows:

  • During the end of December through January, we went through a period of time known in astrological terms as Venus Retrograde. During this time we were “given an opportunity” to reflect on our values and review our relationships. Did you notice old flames or relationship patterns appearing in your life? Many times this happens to give us the opportunity to consciously choose a different response than we have in the past.
  • Most of February gave us a time to mentally review the experiences that came up in January, as well as other things from our past, as we went through a period that astrologers call Mercury Retrograde.
  • March brought a period of rest and recovery from all that we had experienced both emotionally and mentally in the previous months. Hopefully you took the time to nurture yourself with lots of loving energy, recenter, and envision what it is that you desire to create in the months ahead, now that you have had a fresh dose of reviewing the past.
  • April brings us to a very intense time of rebirthing, if you will, as we are seeing and experiencing sudden, and sometimes extreme, changes in our personal world — hopefully things that you have been trying to manifest and are now coming to fruition, sometimes in ways that you would have never imagined.

So here we go — we are continuing on with our personal development, awakening, consciousness expansion, whatever you feel comfortable calling it. I find it helpful to know that there is order to what so often appears to be chaos, and I enjoy utilizing each period to best support my personal growth.

With that said, I will share with you that I have been lead to start focusing on creating material for creating healthy, happy and whole relationships – a natural extension after having recently completed my A Soul’s Journey Home: Returning to Love© empowerment audio course, which focuses on rediscovering your personal gifts and power. The universe is presenting me with the opportunities to first experience and then share insightful information on relationships on many levels.

I am currently writing a book on relationships and will be presenting my first Healthy Relationships Speaking engagement at a private International Convention in June.

Anyone looking for a speaker for personal or business events, please call me directly to hear about this exciting material that applies to everyone — who doesn’t want to improve their relationship skills!

Hopefully, by reading this blog, you have gained the wisdom of seeing the benefit, and perhaps understanding your personal lessons, in the “growing pains” that life gives us. It is truly my belief that everything happens for a reason, and I enjoy the privilege of helping others understand the “lessons” they receive so that they can graduate from the lesson and become a more conscious creator of their journey.

I thank you for your patience in my lack of blog posts and newsletters lately — it is my intention to continue to expand in many ways during our continued evolution, and I intend to share my personal and the universal journey with you. Trust that all will be shared at the appropriate time.

In Loving Inspiration,



I look forward to sharing opportunities to join my my Relationship Series classes, as they continue to take form.

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Share this with others who you know are looking for some guidance or inspiration. By helping others, we help ourselves.

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