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hereNurturing Your Body, Mind and Soul through the Power of Nature

Nurturing Your Body, Mind and Soul through the Power of Nature

Aloha, As I sit in my place in Hawaii, as I am today, and I look out the window, I often see nature sending me messages. I love to stop whatever I am doing periodically and either go outside, or look out the window. I find that a break from a busy schedule with mental processing, […]

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hereLetting Life Challenges Transform Your Soul

Letting Life Challenges Transform Your Soul

When you start to understand that everything in your life is there to teach you something, you begin to awaken to the purpose of life challenges. When you begin to understand the value in the struggle that is occurring, you stop resisting the growth and learn to work with the lesson that becomes the alchemist […]

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hereNew Beginnings

New Beginnings

Well I have begun. I have opened up the crate of notes I have been hauling around the world with me for the last two and a half years, and I am attempting to review them and find some type of order and meaning to them. For quite a while now, spirit has been talking […]

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hereHolding the Space

Holding the Space

I have been informed by my guidance, for quite some time now, that I am to start sharing all I have learned and currently use in my life. Yes, I have been studying all of this knowledge for quite a while and currently do work with my guidance, and I manifest what I want in […]

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hereDefining Ourselves

Defining Ourselves

Today I feel I have found an answer to a question that I have been asking myself for a long time. Who am I, and what do I do? Through a series of synchronized events, I have realized that I am myself, and my purpose is to be true to that. If I can apply […]

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