Writings Along the Way

When I woke up this morning, I knew today was going to be a day of writing for me. I was just in that space. There is a poem I wrote at the beach not too long ago; I typed out my notes on my phone and have been meaning to transfer the text for a while. I thought that was my plan for today, but when I sat down to do this before my morning run, I picked up my other file of writings insteadones I am starting to gather and organizeand two little pages of handwritten verse popped out at me. As I began to read this writing from probably three or more years ago, while sitting in my beautiful backyard full of nature, silence, and open sky, I knew what I wanted to share. 
As I read my words, I found myself back in that moment and remembered sitting in a lounge chair by myself, being sung to by so many different birds at once. The sky seemed so limitless and gave me so much room to breathe. The wind was refreshingly cool and gently nurtured my soul. As I sat there, this came to me:
And so it is for me – 
         the bird
– to be free as a bird
– to be happy as a lark
– to be light and free of baggage
– and to be willing to go where the wind blows me
– making my new nest in a place where I feel safe and free to be me
– to nurture and cuddle with my little ones
– to sing a beautiful tune that only I can sing, knowing others will hear my song and enjoy it, and those who resonate with this song will respond in gratitude for the deep connection, and with the knowledge that this connection is truly one of the greatest experiences of life 
– to soar, glide, twirl, enjoy the gift of feeling the wind beneath your wings.
My reconnection to this writing has brought me to tears, as I see that spirit was giving me a message of my futureand also reconnecting me to who I am. The parallels are amazing. I have always connected the “bird” to the “messenger of spirit,”  the “wind” to “spirit, ” and “breath” to “connection to spirit.”  
Like so many times, we do not understand the significance of what is occurring until later, when all of the pieces start to come together to show us the way we are co-creating. At the time this message came to me, I was grateful for the beauty of the message, but now I see the depth of this message in a whole new way.  
Since the writing of this message, I have fully stepped into my role as an inspirational teacher. I have sold that home, given away most of my belongings to lighten my load for the time being, and traveled around the world to inspire others. I have walked away from what no longer resonated with me or served my highest good and had the faith and trust to go where I was being asked to go.  
This journey led me to four continents last year, with me spending time in flight, on many lands, in many oceans, and with many beautiful people with whom I was meant to connectfor some reason or another. Healing has taken place, messages have been shared, learning and expanding has occurred, and love and light was experienced (inside of me and many others). I have nurtured and cuddled with both my own “little ones” and new ones as well, and I have been nurtured and cuddled back.  
And so for me, I am grateful to be the bird and look forward to experiencing the journey.  
In Love and light,

Angela Bushman  

Intuitive Empowerment Coach

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Being a natural-born empath, I enjoy combining my intuition, compassion, and amazing zest for living freely to inspire others to find their way back to their true self and find their bliss. I do believe that it is my life’s purpose to live my life authentically and inspire others to reach heights that they never imagined that they could reach.

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