A Soul’s Journey Home

To most people it looks as if Angela Bushman had it all: a marriage of 21 years, three wonderful children, and a comfortable life in a beautiful family home. But something was not right, and deep inside she had known it for a long time.

Then one day it happened—she could no longer deny her authentic self. She stepped beyond fear, gave up everything she considered normal or comfortable, including family, friends, and community, and embarked on a journey to discover authentic freedom.

She now shares her gift with the world. Her courageous story provides the process and inspiration for anyone seeking their true self.

There comes a point when you begin to connect the dots, when the chosen paths begin to mean something, when the picture starts to reveal itself. It is probably not at all what you had envisioned, but somewhere deep inside, perhaps you always knew. The journey was there for a reason. It was there for you and for the others that have traveled along with you. The strength and comfort that comes from that awareness is amazing and beyond words. Once experienced, it becomes the biggest part of you. So let it unfold. Let your life reveal its lessons. Follow your heart, as it will not lead you astray. Find your passion and let its energy run through you in ways you have never experienced. With that, your real life will begin.

Angela Bushman, A Soul’s Journey Home

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