Initial Full Session ~ $275

This one and one-half hour session consists of a one hour private session with Angela and a one-half hour preparation session by Angela before your one-on-one session begins.

Angela will provide an in-depth look at your life path, life lessons, and overall nature according to the information she connects with about you. With this information you can remember who you are and learn to work with your lessons, instead of against them.

Are you ready to quit repeating your lessons and create the life you are meant to live?

If so, purchase the session here and then submit your birth date, place, time, and full name (if available) to

You will be contacted to schedule your session.

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Follow-Up Session ~ $175/hour

These sessions are helpful to have once you have had an Initial Full Session, in order to review what is occurring in your life and discuss how you are applying the principles previously presented.

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Mariya GoldMy session with Angela Bushman @ Shine Your Light helped me to see more clearly the unique light that shines within not only myself but within all beings.

Angela gave me more tools to readily apply to my life, to help my light shine more brightly. She showed me new ways to look inward, to examine my thought processes, and to adjust the mind in such a way that can be more beneficial to all. Her intuitiveness is bright, her sincerity clear, and her inspirational powers vibrant.

Thank you, Angela, for being there to listen, learn, teach, laugh, and love as the bright light that you are.

Mariya Kai Gold, L.Ac.AcupuncturistKailua Acupuncture ClinicHawaii

One Month Coaching Package – 5 sessions ~ $800.00

One private one hour coaching with Angela per week for 5 weeks to assist you through major shifts in your world. Looking to optimize your growth quickly, or need a little extra support at a transitional time in your life? This is the perfect package for you.

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All payments must be made one day ahead of the appointment. PayPal is the best form of payment unless we are meeting in person, then I accept cash, check or credit card at the time of our session. Sessions are available via phone, Skype, or in person.

I recently had a session with Angela, and she made me feel very comfortable and at ease from the very beginning of the session, allowing me to open up and speak my feelings. Angela was very intuitive and it was obvious to me she is well-trained and very good at what she does. I truly felt she understood my issues almost immediately.

She then gave me some ideas and insights into how to live life in a more positive fashion. Within one session, we were able to find the underlying thought pattern that was interfering with every part of my life.

I realize now that I can change what I want to change in my life, and know how to change it. I would recommend Angela to anyone who is looking to make life a more enjoyable experience!

Disclaimer – I do not provide medical advice and am by no means a substitute for your medical doctor.