Meet Angela

Angela Bushman – Author and Intuitive Empowerment Coach

Being a natural-born empath, I enjoy combining my intuition, compassion, and amazing zest for living freely to inspire others to find their way back to their true self and find their bliss. I do believe that it is my life’s purpose to live my life authentically and inspire others to reach heights that they never imagined that they could reach.

I enjoy inspiring, writing, speaking, traveling, photography, dancing, painting and connecting with nature. I have found my passions and learned the art of manifesting the life that I want to live exactly how I want to live it.

I have spent many years studying healing modalities and cultures from around the world and have worked with healers and teachers of all types. Other teachers have called me “the opener of doors”, “the teacher of the light workers” and “the soul whisperer.”

Having gone through my own transformation, and boldly following the path on which my soul called me, I can teach transformation by showing that I am walking my talk.

I have spent many years applying many forms of learning and healing to myself first, and I know that it is my heart’s desire to continue to inspire others to find and walk the path that is truly right for their soul.

Other people frequently tell me how brave they think that I am, and I am happy to be the pioneer and continue to create new ways of learning, teaching, and living.

It is my heart’s desire to continue to inspire others to find and walk the path that is truly right for their soul — Angela. 

I have come to a place in my life where I can see that all that I have experienced so far has been there for a reason. I now am enjoying being the flower that has blossomed and am looking forward to expanding my ways of inspiring others to live their truth.

Almost all of the photos on this website were taken by me on my journey around the world. I enjoy sharing with you the sources of inspiration that I have experienced and the beauty of life as seen though my eyes.

May you continue to enjoy and be inspired as I continue to explore other cultures, experiences and spirituality around the world.

Carter BlackAngela has been an inspiration, a guide, a fellow artist, and friend for several years now. She has helped to open new creative pathways with my art, and to use those that I already have but maybe didn’t appreciate.

Perhaps more importantly, Angela has helped me to find direction and inspiration with my life as a whole, to regain a sense of purpose with myself and my work, and to find out who I really am and what it is I’m here for –all with a natural ease on her part and little conscious effort on mine. I feel I am moving forward on my path with a sureness and clarity I hadn’t known before.

Angela helps us open these doors to our future, to finding ourselves. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to find meaning and purpose in their life.

Carter BlackArtistHawaii