Inspiration of Healing Fears and Discarding Limiting Beliefs

I recently saw a YouTube video about two Breatharians, Akahi and Camila, interviewed by Lilou Mace of the Juicy Living Tour. Being a Breatharian means you are able to sustain yourself on air alone. Akahi and Camila progressed their diets from vegetarian, to vegan, to raw food, and so on, until they were able to shift out of the frame of mind that they “needed” food and water to sustain their bodies. They have been successful at living this life choice for almost four years, and are not only sustaining extremely healthy bodies, but have also produced a child who is a Breatharian. They explained they sometimes choose to eat or drink when they want to have the experience of enjoying food or wish to share the social experience of food with othersbut eating is a choice for them, not a necessity. 
This extreme life choice is not an “example” of what we should try to achieve, rather it is an “inspiration” of the incredible opportunities that emerge when we decide to step beyond limits we have accepted as our truthssomewhere along the way. We are in a time of enormous change on many levels, which we can witness throughout our personal lives, relationships, jobs, governmental agencies, economic structures, and social frames. It is a time to re-evaluate what we hold as truth and step beyond our limits. We are ready, it seems, to peel off the old restrictions we have held and create our vision of what fits, in a new, expanded way. Some would call this evolution; some would call it consciousness expansion; some would call it enlightenment; some call it growing up.
It is a time to question these limits that we have previously held and step back into our power as incredible co-creators of reality. This step takes courage to go beyond fear, into faith and trust. But what kind of opportunities could this open up? What if we could regrow organs, heal our bodies and souls, purify our earth, sustain a healthy life by living our passion, and truly live in an enduring state of peace and abundance? I do not say, “But how? ” I say, “Why not?” I guess I just didn’t get the tweet that said we “couldn’t,” or if I did, I didn’t accept it as my truth.

Love and Light,

Angela Bushman

Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Lover of Life, Channel, Visionary

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Being a natural-born empath, I enjoy combining my intuition, compassion, and amazing zest for living freely to inspire others to find their way back to their true self and find their bliss. I do believe that it is my life’s purpose to live my life authentically and inspire others to reach heights that they never imagined that they could reach.

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