Empowerment Class – October 26, 2013


Are you:

  • feeling lost, unfulfilled, uninspired or powerless?
  • trying to create a life of abundance and joy, but not sure where you are stuck?
  • ready for a change, but do not know where to begin?

Learn to:

  • rediscover your purpose, passion and power
  • find and value your authentic self
  • identify wounds and fears, and their gift in your journey
  • see where you are giving your power away

Empowerment Class Dates:

October 26th / 1:00 – 2:30 pm

The Astrology Store
5735 W. Glendale Ave
Glendale, AZ

Class Investment $25.00

Limited seating. Reserve your spot now!
The Astrology Store: on-line registration  or  phone(623) 463-6286

* Disclaimer – I do not provide medical advice and am by no means a substitute for your medical doctor.


About the Author ()

Being a natural-born empath, I enjoy combining my intuition, compassion, and amazing zest for living freely to inspire others to find their way back to their true self and find their bliss. I do believe that it is my life’s purpose to live my life authentically and inspire others to reach heights that they never imagined that they could reach.

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