Angela’s Work

A Soul's Journey Home: Returning to Love

I help people to overcome their fears, get past blocks, find the open door, and release old programs and beliefs accepted as their truths that no longer serve them.

I teach people how to shift their energy. This helps to bring balance within their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body, as well as their relationships with others.

I help people to take back their power. This allows them to begin to be the director of their movie and not just the actor.

I help people understand the lessons they have been given. This allows them to value what the lesson has taught them and not repeat it.

I teach very organically, helping others to reconnect to their higher self, resulting in consciousness expansion and shifts at the DNA level.

Mindy BortnessAngela has the wonderful ability to take the abstract and make it tangible, real and actionable.

She is open, honest and smart in her delivery of information and a good questioner and listener — able to take your information and deliver it back to you in a way that works and makes you think more deeply.

She’s high quality, great energy and steeply skilled.

Mindy BortnessProfessional Trainer and CoachCommunication Works Inc.San Diego, California
A Soul's Journey Home: Returning to Love © audio course

Are you ready to…

  • Remember Who You Are?
  • Remember What You Are Here to Experience and Learn?
  • Take Back Your Power?
  • Start Consciously Creating the Life that You Are Meant to Live?
  • Become Happy, Healthy, and Whole?
  • Live in Your Natural State Which is Peace, Love, Joy, and Contentment?
  • Create a Life Where Your Work is Your Play and Your Play is Your Work?
  • Feed the Passion of Your Soul?
  • Find Your Child Inside and Remember How to Play?
  • Shine Your Light Brightly and Add Your Unique Beauty to the World?