Daily Inspirations

hereRemembering Who You Are

Remembering Who You Are

Aloha, As I sit down to write today, I find myself inspired to ask you this question: do you remember who you are? It’s a question that is fresh in my mind, since I am finishing my first book and preparing to share even more of the journey I have been on, in a quest […]

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hereLetting Life Challenges Transform Your Soul

Letting Life Challenges Transform Your Soul

When you start to understand that everything in your life is there to teach you something, you begin to awaken to the purpose of life challenges. When you begin to understand the value in the struggle that is occurring, you stop resisting the growth and learn to work with the lesson that becomes the alchemist […]

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hereHeart Wisdom

Heart Wisdom

                                             Lead with the Heart…It knows the way to wisdom Angela Bushman Intuitive Empowerment Coachwww.AngelaBushman.com

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hereWhat is Love … Love is

What is Love … Love is

Love is not a skin color; it is not a language; it is not a culture or society. Love is not an island; it is not a country; it is not a continent or a universe. Love is not a gender; it is not a size; it is not a look or a species. Love […]

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hereWhat Is LOVE

What Is LOVE

Love is not a place outside of you …  it is an essence within you from where all else comes. Love is not something you can hold onto … it is something to be experienced and enjoyed. Love is not something you can buy … it is free and expands the more you embrace it. […]

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hereI Give Myself Freedom

I Give Myself Freedom

I give myself freedom to smile when I feel like it. I give myself freedom to choose what is right for me. I give myself freedom to be happy, because I want to be. I give myself freedom to cry when the emotion of sadness starts to rise, and I give thanks for the lesson […]

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hereWritings Along the Way

Writings Along the Way

When I woke up this morning, I knew today was going to be a day of writing for me. I was just in that space. There is a poem I wrote at the beach not too long ago; I typed out my notes on my phone and have been meaning to transfer the text for […]

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hereNew Beginnings

New Beginnings

Well I have begun. I have opened up the crate of notes I have been hauling around the world with me for the last two and a half years, and I am attempting to review them and find some type of order and meaning to them. For quite a while now, spirit has been talking […]

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hereBack from Japan: how one person can make a difference

Back from Japan: how one person can make a difference

Well, this has certainly been a great year of travel for me. I have set out to meet the world, it seems. I started the year off going to Australia with a one-way ticket, so I could stay to explore as long as I felt I should—and ended up staying only eight days. That was […]

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hereHolding the Space

Holding the Space

I have been informed by my guidance, for quite some time now, that I am to start sharing all I have learned and currently use in my life. Yes, I have been studying all of this knowledge for quite a while and currently do work with my guidance, and I manifest what I want in […]

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