hereRemembering Who You Are

Remembering Who You Are

Aloha, As I sit down to write today, I find myself inspired to ask you this question: do you remember who you are? It’s a question that is fresh in my mind, since I am finishing my first book and preparing to share even more of the journey I have been on, in a quest […]

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hereLet Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

Within each of us there is a light that shines. It can become dimmed by our experiences, but ironically, these same experiences come to help us to grow, and to lead us back to our inner light. Trust that all is happening for your higher good, for your evolution, expanding you in ways you cannot […]

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hereReleasing Emotions, Meeting our Dark Shadows and the Garden of our Soul

Releasing Emotions, Meeting our Dark Shadows and the Garden of our Soul

Garden of your  Soul In this time of tribulation and transition, we are all experiencing a period of great release, letting go of old emotions and programming that do not serve us any longer. Take the time to observe these patterns as they come to your attention, without placing any judgment on yourself, and then […]

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hereWritings Along the Way

Writings Along the Way

When I woke up this morning, I knew today was going to be a day of writing for me. I was just in that space. There is a poem I wrote at the beach not too long ago; I typed out my notes on my phone and have been meaning to transfer the text for […]

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