hereRemembering Who You Are

Remembering Who You Are

Aloha, As I sit down to write today, I find myself inspired to ask you this question: do you remember who you are? It’s a question that is fresh in my mind, since I am finishing my first book and preparing to share even more of the journey I have been on, in a quest […]

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hereSearching for Love

Searching for Love

Aloha, Today as I write, I find myself drawn to the subject of love. Love is the universal language we all speak, although some may not have heard or spoken this language for some time. So often we find ourselves longing for love. Many times we are searching for love from friends, or members of […]

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hereInspiration of Healing Fears and Discarding Limiting Beliefs

Inspiration of Healing Fears and Discarding Limiting Beliefs

I recently saw a YouTube video about two Breatharians, Akahi and Camila, interviewed by Lilou Mace of the Juicy Living Tour. Being a Breatharian means you are able to sustain yourself on air alone. Akahi and Camila progressed their diets from vegetarian, to vegan, to raw food, and so on, until they were able to […]

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hereBack from Japan: how one person can make a difference

Back from Japan: how one person can make a difference

Well, this has certainly been a great year of travel for me. I have set out to meet the world, it seems. I started the year off going to Australia with a one-way ticket, so I could stay to explore as long as I felt I should—and ended up staying only eight days. That was […]

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